Black Powder Rifle Accuracy System

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What do several members of the United States and New Zealand International Muzzle Loading Rifle Teams have in common with hundreds of black powder rifle shooters?

They have used the Dutch Schoultz Black Powder Rifle Accuracy System to successfully improve their shooting scores. Accuracy of any muzzle loading black powder rifle, percussion or flintlock, can be improved with this system.


The System

The complete system consists three sets of instructions covering the components that will combine to improve accuracy.


30 day money back guarantee. In over 25 years no one has asked for a refund. And only 3 have ever asked since the system has been out.


If you decide to order,  contact Dutch and he'll tell you how to knock a few days off the delivery time. No extra postage charged for overseas orders.

If you want more information check with Dutch  at hvs289(at)

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